Introduction to Astrochemistry PDF

Introduction to Astrochemistry PDF

Introduction to Astrochemistry PDF
Author Satoshi Yamamoto
File size 5.02MB
Year 2017
Pages 286
Language English
File format PDF
Category Astronomy
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Book Description:

This important book describes the basic principles of astrochemistry―an interdisciplinary field combining astronomy, physics, and chemistry―with particular emphasis on its physical and chemical background. Chemical processes in diffuse clouds, dense quiescent molecular clouds, star-forming regions, and protoplanetary disks are discussed. A brief introduction to molecular spectroscopy and observational techniques is also presented. These contents provide astronomers with a comprehensive understanding of how interstellar matter is evolved and brought into stars and planets, which is ultimately related to the origin of the solar system. The subject matter will also be understandable and useful for physical chemists who are interested in exotic chemical processes occurring in extreme physical conditions. The book is a valuable resource for all researchers beginning at the graduate level.

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