Solar Energetic Particles PDF

Solar Energetic Particles PDF: A Modern Primer on Understanding Sources Acceleration and Propagation

Solar Energetic Particles PDF
Author Donald V. Reames
File size 6.44MB
Year 2017
Pages 127
Language English
File format PDF
Category Astronomy
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Book Description:

This concise primer introduces the non-specialist reader to the physics of solar energetic particles (SEP) and systematically reviews the evidence for the two main mechanisms which lead to the so-called impulsive and gradual SEP events.

More specifically, the timing of the onsets, the longitude distributions, the high-energy spectral shapes, the correlations with other solar phenomena (e.g. coronal mass ejections), as well as the all-important elemental and isotopic abundances of SEPs are investigated. Impulsive SEP events are related to magnetic reconnection in solar flares and jets.The concept of shock acceleration by scattering on self-amplified Alfvén waves is introduced, as is the evidence of reacceleration of impulsive-SEP material in the seed population accessed by the shocks in gradual events. The text then develops processes of transport of ions out to an observer. Finally, a new technique to determine the source plasma temperature in both impulsive and gradual events is demonstrated.

Last but not least the role of SEP events as a radiation hazard in space is mentioned and a short discussion of the nature of the main particle telescope designs that have contributed to most of the SEP measurements is given.

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